JAZZIZ: "Politzer's playing is full of depth and beauty, and it's technically impressive as well."

All About Jazz: "Blue in Blue proves itself a first-rate jazz outing from one of the genre's rising stars."

NYC Jazz Record: Politzer's fifth offering is a solid return to this jazzwoman's roots and showcases her instrumental leadership and compositional depth in the context of this superb rhythm section.

Good Times Magazine: A fresh voice and a remarkable talent.

New York Times: "Thoughtful young postbop pianist."

The Celebrity "Wallflower, a beautiful ballad about failing to live up to your own expectations, sounds as if its ready for a major motion picture soundtrack. I hope Politzer continues her career in jazz music, but the contemporary music world needs her the most. This is a really refreshing album, perfect for a lazy day. "Kerry Politzer can do it all. On her first pop album, You Took Me In Politzer takes on almost every musical genre and hits every one, perfectly showcasing the immense talent that she possesses.

All About Jazz: ""Fine Brazilian/straightahead music by an emerging star..."

All Music Guide: "Overall, an inventive hybrid date from one of jazz's brightest young pianists..."

All Music Guide: "Her voice is appealing in a gentle style not far from that of Norah Jones..."

BBC: "Politzer never seems stuck for ideas ; each solo is carefully constructed, a
fine balance of head and heart..."

Audiophile: Her tunes are melodically inventive and demonstrate a versatile range of styles and moods."

Irish Times: "...ebullient, intelligent, warm and well-structured amalgam of jazz and Brazilian influences.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: "She offers a well-played set that never gets lost."

Mark Vail, Keyboard Magazine: "Politzer is an exciting, and often dazzling, young jazz pianist who plays with precision, spirit and freedom."