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In a Heartbeat

“This album reveals emotions, experiences, and reflection but it also reveals the astonishing way in which musicians interact by listening and interweaving different sounds, bouncing off each other, and developing ideas. Thoroughly eclectic in style, completely wonderful in context, and an album that exposes raw emotion, yet that emotion is held and expressed in music that is quite beautiful.” – Sammy Stein (author, Women in Jazz)

“Coming out of this period with renewed hope, Politzer explores light and darkness with creative energy.” – Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

Diagonal: A Tribute to Durval Ferreira

“Politzer does Ferreira’s legacy justice on this charming 11-track set that perfectly captures the seductive spirit of classic Bossa Nova and the bebop-grounded vibe of honest Samba Jazz.” – Mark Holston, Back to Brazil Part Three,

Diagonal – now soft and reflective, now compellingly swinging – could launch a welcome new breakout of bossa nova.” – Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

Below the Surface

“I give Kerry & her high-talent group a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for jazz lovers of any stripe; “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.98.” – Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation

“Politzer is anything but predictable. Her composing is intelligent and intriguing. Her performance, as stated, is flawless. Her music sings, dances and strikes yoga poses. She touches everything. My only regret is that I have not been along for the ride of her whole career.” – Travis Rogers, The Jazz Owl

“The track that caught my ears the most is the closing “In Spring”. Less than two minutes, it almost encapsulates the entire album with its unexpected chord changes, drifting flow and unusual melody that lures the listener.” – Mark Iannopollo, Cadence Magazine

Blue in Blue

“An emotive piano tugs at your heartstrings.” – Elliott Simon, NYC Jazz Record

“Politzer’s playing is full of depth and beauty.” – JAZZIZ


“Like guitarists Kurt Rosenwinkel and Adam Rogers, Politzer has the ability to create often simple-sounding and accessible structures that reveal countless layers on deeper examination. Labyrinth is another appealing entry from an artist who deserves to be on everyone’s radar.” – John Kelman,


“Politzer is an exciting, and often dazzling, young jazz pianist who plays with precision, spirit, and freedom,” – Mark Vail, Keyboard Magazine

“There is no questioning her harmonic inventiveness or compositional skill, nor her considerable instrumental chops. Recommended.” – Rick Anderson, Music Library Association


“This exciting Brazilian piano recording would be remarkably notable if only because it introduces another great female writer/performer on a par with the great Eliane Elias. ” – Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide


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